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Midnight Sun invests in private equity and lending opportunities, trades in foreign exchange and public markets and offers innovative securities and derivatives that fuse short-cycle returns with other financial advantages.
Private Equity “Tecate”

Tecate Northern Trust (the “Fund”) is the private equity arm of Midnight Sun. The Fund makes long-term equity investments with the combined goals of maximizing investment returns and building relationships with entrepreneurs and their advisors.

Potential candidates for investment come from both conventional sources and our innovative transaction program which allows us, and the investee, a low-risk opportunity and time to evaluate the long-term equity investment fit.

With either option shareholders receive liquidity for their shares, while potentially taking advantage of their lifetime capital gains exemption.

The Fund also makes non-controlling investments in private businesses that are well-managed, scalable or otherwise attractive, and also makes substantial investments in select private business in which Midnight Sun has a strategic interest.

30-Day Foreign Exchange Opportunities “Georgia”

Midnight Sun has observed that few Canadian individuals and businesses trade in foreign exchange and has surmised that this is attributable to four obstacles:

  1. Foreign exchange trading is perceived to be complicated;
  2. Foreign exchange trading is perceived to require constant monitoring;
  3. Foreign exchange trading is perceived to risk substantial losses.

Theta King Inc., the foreign exchange arm of Midnight Sun, has developed innovative foreign exchange trading strategies designed to overcome the first two obstacles while Kootenay Commercial Lending Trust, a commercial lending affiliate of Midnight Sun, has developed lending strategies to overcome the last two. By combining the strategies, Midnight Sun is positioned to offer a unique and powerful foreign exchange trading opportunity to investors and businesses.

Georgia Contracts are available through Red Jacket Capital.

Short-Term Commercial Lending
Kootenay Commercial Lending Trust (“Kootenay”) is a commercial lending affiliate of Midnight Sun. Kootenay provides short and medium-term loans at competitive rates and on competitive terms. Kootenay is able to respond to loan requests rapidly and with a view to establishing long-term relationships with borrowers.
Real Estate Acquisition
Midnight Sun selectively purchases interests in real estate. We focus our real estate investments on properties that provide a stable rental stream, have potential for significant appreciation or have a connection to other Midnight Sun operations or investments. Midnight Sun may be able to combine a real estate purchase with a foreign exchange trading opportunity to provide a vendor with an improved overall financial result.
Litigation Funding

All litigation and particularly tax disputes can be expensive, uncertain and take significant time to resolve. If audited and challenged by the Canada Revenue Agency, many taxpayers choose to simply concede legitimate positions rather than dispute tax reassessments.

Westminster Funding Trust (“Westminster”) is the litigation funding affiliate of Midnight Sun. Westminster will fund up to 75% of the costs involved in tax disputes at any stage in the dispute process, from audit to court proceedings. The taxpayer maintains control over all aspects of the dispute and Westminster will only be compensated if a successful resolution is achieved.

Special Transactions
For many reasons when selling a business a vendor typically prefers to sell equity while a purchaser typically prefers to buy assets. As a result, a purchaser often requires a substantial price discount to be induced to purchase equity rather than assets. Midnight Sun seeks to narrow this pricing gap between vendors and purchasers.

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